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Honor America’s Veterans by providing exceptional health care that improves their health and well-being.

VA Core Values – “I CARE”

  • Integrity – Act with high moral principle. Adhere to the highest professional standards. Maintain the trust and confidence of all with whom I engage.
  • Commitment – Work diligently to serve Veterans and other beneficiaries. Be driven by an earnest belief in VA’s mission. Fulfill my individual responsibilities and organizational responsibilities.
  • Advocacy – Be truly Veteran-centric by identifying, fully considering, and appropriately advancing the interests of Veterans and other beneficiaries.
  • Respect – Treat all those I serve and with whom I work with dignity and respect. Show respect to earn it.
  • Excellence – Strive for the highest quality and continuous improvement. Be thoughtful and decisive in leadership, accountable for my actions, willing to admit mistakes, and rigorous in correcting them.


  • Urgent Care
  • Primary Care
  • Ambulatory Surgery
  • Specialty Clinics
  • Mental Health
  • Hospital Based Home Care
  • Community Acute Care
  • Long Term Care

Long Term Care

Inpatient care is available at the nursing home care unit.  Community programs are also available.  Learn more.



The Research Department located at Manchester VAMC is internationally recognized for its study of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other behavioral disorders.  For more information or to become a volunteer visit Research.

Concord Hospital

We are pleased to announce Secretary Shinseki’s decision to allow the expansion of acute inpatient contract care at Concord Hospital. This means that New Hampshire Veterans served by VAMC Manchester will now have improved local access to inpatient hospital care.

The expansion of the inpatient contract meets the intent of the bills submitted by Senator Shaheen, SR 239, and Representative Shea-Porter, HR 190, to provide New Hampshire Veterans with the same level of care that the VA provides for Veterans in other states.

When an enrolled Veteran is referred for inpatient care by VAMC Manchester, care will be provided locally.

Currently, the Manchester VA refers approximately 35% of its acute inpatient admissions to the community.  With this change, we expect to increase the number of Veterans we refer to our community hospital partner from the current 35% to 70% of all acute inpatient care cases.

Patients will still be referred to Boston VAMC for specialized procedures such as elective orthopedic and cardiac cases.

In order to utilize the benefits that this decision confers to veterans, they must:

  • Be enrolled at VAMC Manchester
  • Be referred to Concord Hospital by a Manchester VA Clinical Unit such as Urgent Care (most referrals will be made through the Urgent Care Unit which is open 24 hours a day, every day)
  • Require acute care hospitalization as determined by a VA provider

Veterans who elect to be hospitalized within the Veterans Healthcare System will be referred to Boston (West Roxbury VAMC) or the White River Junction VAMC.

Veterans who would like to enroll for health care at the Manchester VAMC have three options to complete their enrollment:


This VA has not yet been reviewed. Please rate and review by signing in and fill out in the comment section below. Thank you!


This VA has not yet been reviewed. Please rate and review by signing in and fill out in the comment section below. Thank you!

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This VA has not yet been reviewed. Please rate and review by signing in and fill out in the comment section below. Thank you!